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John and Barbara Wade, Bellbrae Featured

It is a pleasure to provide this testimonial for Adam Kiss who undertook a significant and architect-designed extension to our home in 2015.

Adam is an outstanding and gifted individual, astute, highly competent and well organised. He is also an excellent communicator, very approachable and, above all, a natural leader. He uses these abilities most impressively and effectively in the execution of his building trade.

From the commencement of discussions about the plans and associated contract to the timely completion of the project Adam’s performance, and work, was faultless. His attention to detail, ability to easily communicate, practical approach and commitment to the job at hand together with his project management skills ensured that the build was, for us, straightforward and free of stress, indeed pleasurable. Adam was always on time and kept us fully informed about all stages and his movements. He was also very willing to discuss and effect changes to the plans that inevitably arise from a build of this size and complexity. He was happy to undertake additional work that we requested and this was completed within the original schedule. Nothing was too much trouble, he made it problem free.

Each of the sub contractors that Adam used were equally impressive and had regularly worked with him. They were, without exception, helpful, easy to get along with and meticulous in their approach to, and execution of, their trade. There was never an occasion when they were not on site, and not on time, according to Adam’s schedule, and this is attributable both to his careful planning, and a result of their regard for Adam. They obviously enjoyed working for him because he is so well organised and the respect on site was evident.

Adam inspires immediate trust and confidence from all who come in contact with him. This is a rare ability and one that made our choice of builder so obviously correct from the start. We have no hesitation whatever in recommending Adam for any building project.

John and Barbara Wade